June 21, 2012

an ode to fall

alright so all you summer loving misses out there will probably cringe when you see what i'm posting about today but seeing as yesterday was the first day of summer, i felt the need to share just how i feel about it.

to be honest, i hate it. 
alright alright, hate is a strong word...i dislike it, quite a bit. i'm not into being sweaty, or wearing minimal clothing, and i don't even really like sandals that much. i don't sit out in the sun because i'm very fair & have had far too many sunburns in my life, i walk everywhere and in the dead of summer (aka: right now) that means i melt by the time i get to my destination, i prefer to be cold over hot (always) i love layers upon layers and wearing boots everyday and snuggling into cozy sweaters and...i could go on and on and on about things i love about fall. it's the best season and i just wish it stuck around longer than it does! global warming is not my friend.

here's some things i wish i was wearing instead of the tank, shorts & sandals i have on now:

 scarves are my thing. i own a million of them because the second the weather is cool enough, i always have one on! handmade ones like this are my favourite.

i even love having to wear a jacket! 

boots win. every-single-time. i'd rather wear boots over sandals, anyday!

i'd rather be cuddling up in this oversized sweater than sitting in front of the AC so i don't melt

so, are ya with me? i know i'm not totally alone on this one as i've heard from a few other tweeters that they feel the same! to the rest of you who are enjoying this absurd heat, you're kind of crazy ;)