June 22, 2012

taking my time

this morning i took my time...
i let me body sleep in as long as it needed to
i made a tea and drank it slowly
i painted my nails without rushing out the door right after
i sat and listened to my cat breath as she slept
i took a long shower
i made a yummy breakfast

i took my time
often times i think that we forget to do this simple thing. we are always rushing to get something done or to be somewhere and we never stop to just take our time. i usually arrive 15 minutes early because i walk so fast (and i walk everywhere) i've started to try to take my time as i walk...i give myself more than enough time to get there so i should slow down and enjoy my walk instead of just focusing on getting to where i'm going. i need more mornings like these where i just give myself time...have no agenda...am in no rush.

today, even if it's just for a few moments, i want you to slow down and take your time