June 22, 2012

a makeup post: my typical summer look

come summer i tend to go light with my makeup. here is my go-to summer look; a light coat of foundation, some blush on the apples of my cheeks, a faint cat eye, slick of mascara - top it off with a bright lipstick & away you go! i always used to watch 'what not to wear' and the makeup artist carmindy would call her looks 'the 5 minute face' well generally that's all i take to do my makeup as well...i mean, you're going to walk outside soon & it's going to all melt off your face in the heat anyway, right? ;)

trick: try adding white eyeliner to your inner eyelids to makes your eyes look bigger & brighter!

a subtle cat eye always gives eyes a pretty feminine touch

products used for this look:
voluminous original mascara - l'oreal
trublend foundation - covergirl
white eyeliner - essence
typographic eyeshadow - MAC
covergirl lipstick
rose blush - joe fresh
blend'n glow - bonnebell

of course as long as you have some blush, mascara and a bright shade of lipstick, i'm pretty sure you're set!

do you have any go-to summer products?