June 5, 2012

thrifty finds + a big day!

today was my day off, my first in six days (two of which were doubles) so it was much needed! i enjoyed my coffee and then decided to walk to lansdowne and do some shopping. took a quick trip around the mall (i try to avoid that place as much as possible) and then down to my favourite thrift store! i had so much luck, love that place!

found a bunch of records...awesome ones - all $3 or under...the above is the inside of the doobie brothers record, they sure know how to party!

i can never pass up cute floral pillowcases or towels - two of my favourite collections! (i'm pretty proud of myself for not picking up any mugs...another favourite collection of mine) i also scored that mexican-style table runner which i plan to DIY onto some jean shorts soon & those cute enamel pins for super cheap!

& i thrifted these little pretties for $3 too. i've been favouriting very similar styles on etsy but these ones were far cheaper! it's always nice finding something you've been looking for!

found this little gem in the fall at an antique market but have never shared it here before

that quilt is one of my favourite blankets, i was so happy when my mum passed it down to me!

and incase you were curious as to where i spend my days, this is the shoe shop i work in - cutest store in town!

well i hope you guys are enjoying your day! i just wanted to share a few bits of mine as i am completely enjoying it. today is the first day in about a week that the sun has come out too which definitely helped my mood! heading off now to make some dinner for myself & mikey & enjoy some red wine on the balcony! 

oh ya, tomorrow is kind of a big day for me...tomorrow i graduate you guys...eeeee!! my mum, dad, kyle, gramma & mikey will be there to see me walk across the stage to receive my diploma (!!!) then gramma is taking us for dinner. life is good you guys!