July 26, 2012

outfit post & weekly nails

outfit details:
top - ebay
shorts - H&M
sandals - sam edelman
necklace - dirdy birdy
bracelets - assorted
it was a little hot yesterday to be wearing leather shorts, but then again i didn't really care so it all worked out!

i had seen a photo on IG that katie posted & was instantly inspired. i had just painted my nails the base colour, but needed to immediately copy cat what she had done with the cute little dots, i love it even though it's a little christmasy - that just reminds me of a pal i miss dearly, julie

sunday we enjoyed some much needed downtime, sunshine & catching up with mikey's aunts & uncles who had flown in from BC. we had delicious food, drinks & spent time in the water all day long

i cannot believe that it is almost august...the way time has been flying lately is actually kind of scary. august will be filled with work, cottage time, a wedding, more work & more cottage time - yup, i'm looking forward to it!