August 8, 2012


loving: having lots of time off this summer to spend at my parents place on the water which also means more hangouts with my parents whom i love, also having time to spend with friends

reading: the wrong mother by sophie hannah

watching: not much lately...the odd movie on netflix but i'm not into any TV series as of lately (also we don't have cable so that affects it)

anticipating: the rest of august and my plans for it which include a local music festival this weekend/the lumbermen show, visits with my bestie & her boy as they're in town from BC, my first shoe trade show with S.O.S, a family get together at my parents place, mikey's best friend andy moving home from BC; august has been the busiest month & i'm excited for the rest of it!

listening to: a little bit of drake on this wednesday afternoon

working on: getting together packages from my 'shop my closet' sale to be posted today

wishing: that mikey was home right now as i haven't seen him in 4 days *sappy*