August 9, 2012

if you really knew me...

if you really knew me, you would know that...

my family means the entire world to me. i am thankful for growing up in a typical 'nuclear family' where my parents stayed together & my older brother & i never fought & still, to this day get along so well

i have never broken a bone

it takes a lot to make me feel awkward

i have 10 tattoos

i don't have a lot of secrets. i am good at keeping them, but i'm far too open of a person to not want to share things about my own life

i'm rarely seen without nail polish on. i paint my nails 2-4x per week because i am that anal about chipping polish (& because since discovering seche vite quick dry top coat i can paint them super fast!) i wasn't paid to say that...

my musical interests haven't changed much in the past ten years. it takes a lot for a new band to 'wow' me these days

i do not have my drivers license. i did, when i was 16 then waited too long to get my G2 and lost my G1...i'll get it one day, in the meantime i've had no real need for it, plus sometimes walking is the only exercise i have time for

sometimes i get mean for no real reason when i drink too much wine (lol)

i used to have a skin diver piercing on my collar bone, i miss it a lot & wish it didn't reject

on a similar note, i still do have my nape pierced (back of my neck) i've had this for 8 or so years & forget i have it until i hear 'ew what's that?' i will probably never take it out

i have always had really wonderful friends throughout my life & i am so thankful for that

i am very blunt & very honest...sometimes this gets me into trouble

whenever i set my alarm, there is always a 3 in it, always

i'm in no rush but i cannot wait to be a mum & while we're on that topic, i'm really excited to be pregnant too

i'm a very social person but most nights i'd rather stay in & hangout with mikey or make some tea & read a book/blog

i've never been the type of girl who has always dreamed about her wedding day and all of the little details...that is until i met mikey 4.5 years ago

i am whole heartedly addicted to instagram

i would gladly live somewhere that was fall all day, everyday