August 13, 2012

my main crush

remember that 'if you really knew me' post where i said i would live somewhere that was fall 24/7 if it existed? well, i was most certainly not lying! i love fall. i love it so very much that i talk about it almost on a daily basis. i've already begun creating my fall wish list...which let's be honest, isn't really a seasonal thing for me. here are some pretties i've found around the internets that i have MAJOR crushes on!

 this shop has SO many beautiful knitted pieces. all my knitter friends should check it out! and then let me know if you can make a piece similar to this for cheaper ;) hint hint iris

i've been lusting after the pieces in this etsy shop since i came across it a few years ago. i'd wear this top everyday...i'd like it in every colour too please. also, can we just stop & look at this outfit as a whole? those boots...amazing!

 eeee, just looking at this knitted scarf makes me excited for fall! big knitted scarves are my FAVOURITE part of fall/winter!

 these vintage fryes are stunning! i am loving the colour

 i'm already excited to wear cute slouchy toques like this one
cozy sweaters like this one are perfect with leggings & boots - which is basically my fall/winter uniform.

i plan on making the seattle boot by ugglebo clogs mine this fall if it's the last thing i do!

so many cute pieces, right? i have the A/C blasting on me right now, my finger tips are a little icy & i'm drinking a tea...if i hadn't been outside recently i'd have thought fall came early, only inside though...

dear fall, i am (im)patiently awaiting your presence. 
please hurry!
love, carly