August 14, 2012

ohmygod shoes

shoes. i love shoes. i know many women (& lot's of men too actually) that looove shoes. i know i've mentioned one of my jobs a few times here on the blog but today i wanted to share with you guys our online shop. if you haven't already visited it, the shop is called Save Our Soles (S.O.S, cute right?) and you can shop here 

right now we have a TON of styles on sale for 50% OFF and below i've featured my favourites that are included in the sale! if you're in canada, shipping is only $15 and overseas it's $25 which isn't bad at all, especially when you're getting the shoes on super sale!

these are my favourites and are a dream to walk in!

i also looove the 70s style nine west platforms, again super comfy to walk in!

another platform, by BC - these look fantastic on & feel great!

for the TOMS lover, these pink suede booties are so cute!

there's lots more too in our online shop!