August 22, 2012

why wear boyfriend jeans when you can wear your boyfriends jeans?

outfit details:
top - american apparel
jeans - mikey's (volcom, then distressed by him)
belt - thrifted
necklace - inali
sandals - volcom

thrifted these booties today from sympathy, which is awesome as i've been wanting a pair like this for so very long! i've been having some great cowboy boot scores from sympathy lately.

the pretty packaging and amazing necklace i was talking about in the post below...i have it on today & it is not leaving my neck, let me tell you!

hope you're having a lovely wednesday!

the rest of my week is busy; lots of working, going for a sushi dinner for a friends birthday tomorrow, family reunion at my parents place saturday and then i'm in toronto for a shoe trade show (!!!) sunday-tuesday. exciting times my friends :)