September 5, 2012

favourite room

i'm actually embarassed to say how long it's been since i've taken photos with my DSLR camera, oh iphones you're ruining photography! anyway, i don't even know how many months it's been but it's been too darn long. i've cleaned up my favourite room though, the room that i usually blog from (lately it's been the 'kitchen' table as it was closest to the AC) & i've put my laptop back on it's desk where it that it's not covered in clothes & here we are, back on track. pwef!

i'm lucky enough to have an entire room all to myself. clearly i've used this to hoard house my clothing and if only i had a third bedroom for all of my shoes, hmmm...

i've seen a ton of way cuter DIYs for necklace holders like using an old wooden window frame & nails but in the meantime i use thumbtacks. they work quite well too.

my desk

bobbles & gems

so that's my favourite room in our house, a favourite once again after months of avoiding it and using it as storage. i finally had time to give it a good clean and get it organized. i hate when my house/space is unorganized or makes my life feel all out of sorts, ya know? i've been working a lot lately and on my days off the last thing i generally want to do is clean or tidy but it had been put off long enough, it had to be done. our place got a good cleaning & it felt pretty damn good!

my blog has been a teeny bit neglected lately due to lack of time (busy, busy!) but if you miss me muchly, you can also find me blogging over here too!