September 12, 2012

live the life you love...

...& love the life you live

holy moly, where the hell have i been?

this blog has been pretty lonely this past week & for that i apologize. i've taken on a new position at my day job (i say day job because i have a night job too - no it's not what you're thinking when you think 'night job' lol) and anyway, i've been working more hours than normal as i'm fulltime now & it hasn't left me a whole lot of time for blogging but that's okay! things are a little more back on track for me, and will be in the coming weeks as well so that means more blogging. plus my favourite season is coming too, at...some...point (dammit fall, where are you?!) i need it! i long for leggings & oversized...well, everything and scarves & boots (there are multiple new boots coming into work every week & it's like christmas for me receiving the boxes!) fall leaves me wanting a fresh wardrobe & i've been lusting after so many pieces from the shops (side note: the [shoe] shop i work for also owns 2 other stores, 1 next door is filled with levis, free people, mink pink, french connection, vero moda, bb dakota & more) and the other store is across the street (in which mikey is a manager at) sells nixon, volcom, obey, herschel, rvca, qsw etc) SOOOO needless to say it's hard not to spend every penny i earn on clothes, shoes & accessories. obey, levis & free people are three of my favourite brands ever...not to mention the shoes we carry at our store (sam edelman [] steve madden, laurentien chief, nine west, michael kors, toms, hunters, dolce vita, etc) um ya, so my job is awesome! wow...that was the longest side note ever & i'm pretty sure there was about a million wrong brackets...ANYWAY!

i just made a tea & andy electric is totally flirting with me, begging to be cuddled so away i go!

oh ya, if you've never listened to apparat, the record in the above photo, do it. you won't regret it...this one is my personal fave: