September 30, 2012


holy moly. tomorrow is october 1st...
since the beginning of the summer, each month has gone by faster & faster, at quite the alarming rate! september is supposed to be my favourite month as it's filled with fall goodness but seeing as it's almost over and i barely got to enjoy it, i think i'm going to change my favourite to october. september was still pretty warm here and i want to enjoy real fall weather, so i'm welcoming october for that.

things i'm looking forward to:
♥ thanksgiving weekend (this coming)
& spending time with my family at my parents place which is my favourite place to be in the fall
♥ the lumbermen are playing a show (feels like it's been awhile!)
♥ it being cold enough to wear knitted scarves
♥ visiting one of my favourite people ever in toronto
♥ going to collingwood for my besties birthday 
♥ hallowe'en (three cheers for not leaving your costume til the last minute!)
this year i'm being someone that reflects my black hair & pale skin - can you guess who it might be?

this past week was a little nutty with work (i've been saying this for like the whole summer, haha) but i think it's finally going to be settling down because i'm only going to be working at the bar one night a week, which means i'll be getting my sanity & some time back which will feel great! i'm really looking forward to spending a few days at my parents place this weekend for some much needed R&R!