September 19, 2012

outfit post + what's up

outfit details:
sweater - ebay
shorts - only via flavour fashion
necklace - rose & anchor via tango
i know you can't SEE the necklace...but it's awesome! it's this one if you live in town you can check out tango for more of her stuff...or visit her etsy if you're not in town! i have a few of her pieces & love them dearly!
cowboy booties - bought second hand from sympathy

today was my day off, i had to pop into work for a few hours to do some styling for the photoshoot tonight (styling is fun...can i do that for a career please?) then mikey & i grabbed lunch, poutine [deliciously sinful. no regrets] i then came home, did some dishes, dyed my hair back to black [my roots were getting out of hand!] and painted my nails...

ugh, see? awful. i was thinking of growing my hair out...haha, that lasted pretty much all summer then i just started to feel blah & let's be honest when you're having a bad hair day it totally affects your mood, right? i kept saying i was waiting for 'reverse ombre' to come into style haha. anyway, it's amazing what a fresh colour can do to boost your mood! 

here's my nail art from today, still having so much fun with my konad nail stamper! cute eh? 

soooo life lately! as i've said before, life was getting a little kooky - between working full-time at the shop & then a few [2-3] nights a week serving, it was getting to be a bit much for me. i'm a pretty social person so when i don't get to spend time with my friends and also just have 'me' time i start to lose it a little, haha. i took a week off from my serving job though, to sort of gain control of my life again. i know it sounds silly but working that much really takes a toll on me and makes me kinda crazy so this time off will be nice! i really enjoy my day job and having nights to myself and a weekend [i have this weekend off, well weekend nights i mean] is going to be glorious! i always feel like i'm missing out on stuff due to having to work or working most fridays & saturdays [which is when my friends normally go out] so i'm looking forward to this time off. after the week off i've gone down to only 1 or 2 nights a week so that will be nice.

how are YOU doing?!