November 19, 2012

actually the best weekend

this weekend i travelled to toronto to stay with my cousin eryn and her boyfriend peter and i had a fantastic time! i love visiting with her because we're pretty much the same person; we have so much common & have the best chats! plus we like all the same stuff so shopping together is pretty much perfect. she's got herself a really great guy & that makes me happy! 
so friday night we went to go see of monsters & men. they were amazing! they sound exactly like they do on their album which is always impressive, and their music is just so happy & fun that it was a great atmosphere! we met katia for a brief moment, real life blog friends now! you can see her post on the show which includes a possessed photo of myself & eryn haha we blame her flash. she stayed after the show and happened to meet the band which is pretty rad! anyway ya, the show was wicked! i'd go see them again in a heartbeat ♥ & i love them even more now. it's always good seeing a band live and realizing yup, that's actually how they sound live, not just an over-produced record, you know?
 we went shopping on saturday and hit up some really great spots including this  one vintage shop called public butter. we actually were in the area to go to a different one, which turned out to be a big let down, then saw this as we were walking back & holy moly i was so glad we went in. basically everything i'm loving right now was $20. i got some awesome pieces & some great christmas gifts! i will definitely be going back to this place...hell, i'd travel to toronto strictly FOR this place, yup - that awesome! saturday night we went for all you can eat sushi (so good!!) then to this great bar around the corner from her place called 3030 & it was so fun! they had a swing band playing & we made new friends & played trivial pursuit & stayed awake til 4am chatting & laughing - such a good time!
sunday my bestie aly happened to be in toronto for a wedding. it was SO great to see her as i totally wasn't expecting to and even though it's only been 3 months since we last saw each other, i had no idea when she was going to be home next so it was a great little surprise visit. holy hell though it made me miss her that much more & it really breaks my heart that we'll probably never live in the same province again...but on the positive side, i will always have a friend to visit in beautiful british columbia & that ain't so bad!
we were at the drake hotel for lunch & they have an awesome little photobooth so of course we took some fun photos & i'm so glad we did!

  her sister joey was there too (& her fam!) and it was so nice to see them all too as it had definitely been a few years, and jojo is like my little sister, i love her to bits!! aren't they the best looking sisters you've ever seen?

overall it was really the best weekend i've had in a long time. as much as i love peterborough, it's always great to get away from things for a little while & clear your head. spending time with family & best friends is pretty incredible, throw in a concert, some really wonderful chats & great shopping and hot damn, i'd say that's a pretty perfect little weekend right there!