November 16, 2012

outfit post: spring in november

outfit details:
tunic/dress - army surplus store
boots - 'bennder' by steve madden via S.O.S [the store i manage]
jacket - obey via a clothing swap
necklace - rose & anchor via tango

the day i wore this it was 17 degrees and so mild and spring-like, the following day we had flurries and now it's back to being typical chilly mid-november weather. no complaints here though because i love bundling up in layers and boots and scarves. i must admit, it was a delightful little break from the cold for a few days though.

one of these days i'll get back to taking real photos again for these outfit posts [i've been saying this for months] but it's just so convenient when i can make a little collage on the diptic app through instagram then upload it here. poor DSLR, getting little love since i got an iphone.

tonight i'm heading to toronto to visit and stay with my cousin erin for the weekend. you may know her better as red food colouring i'm excited as i always enjoy and cherish the time that we get to spend together & this time it's the whole weekend! plus her boyfriend pete is a gem & makes me laugh a lot (& is a good cook) so their place is really love to stay. we're going to see of monsters & men tonight & i can't wait to dance & sing along, i love them! tomorrow we're going to do some shopping & go for drinks saturday night, then sunday i'm meeting up with my bestie aly for lunch who is in town from B.C for a wedding. so it's going to be a great weekend indeed!

also, my pal des of so fawned is city line's featured blogger this month which is pretty amazing as they're kind of a big deal in canada. if you read the article, you may notice a familiar name in her 'favourite blog reads' i'm honoured!