November 14, 2012

taking a moment

i took this photo earlier today when i was in bobcaygeon. my mum was at a dentists appointment & so i wandered around the cute little town, got a coffee, purchased some christmas gifts & yummy candles & then sat by the water and enjoyed the silent, still day. the water was so calm, it looked like one of those portraits where you can flip it and you couldn't tell which way was the right way. there were church bells going off and it was a lovely moment, one those deep-breath-in-i'm-thankful-to-be-alive moments, ya know? 

i've been at my parents place on the water [their home now] last night & today and it's been lovely. i can truly relax here. plus my parents are awesome and they're always great to chat & have some drinks with. we went in the hot tub and looked at the stars and it was just lovely. i'm heading back home tonight, have a couple days of work then i'm off for the weekend to toronto, woo!