November 28, 2012

blog thoughts

is it weird that i feel like i can be more 'myself' on twitter & instagram then i can on my blog. why is that i wonder, it's not like there's any less followers so i have to edit what i'm saying or anything, it's not like there's someone reading my blog who i can't be 100% honest with, i guess maybe because it's public...twitter i have a private profile so i could limit who follows me (i usually don't though) & same with instagram. i generally accept people's requests unless it's a company i care nothing about, or it's someone with the profile 'follow me & i'll follow you back' (i hate that shit) does anyone else feel this's weird to me, and i don't really understand why?

i'd like to be more honest on my blog, not that i'm being dishonest with what i post, i've never been a blogger who posts about something because someone gave me something so i have to post about it, or i'm being paid to, or any of those kinds of things. i've always blogged about what i like, who i like and people/companies i support, and that's the truth. i'm a casual blogger, this isn't my full-time or even part-time job. it's not a job at all, it's a hobby and i definitely feel like you can tell the difference between bloggers who are paid to and bloggers who do it for a hobby [i feel like someone is going to have something to say about that, but say away!]

it's weird though. i mean, for the most part you want to post nice things, right? you don't want to post about the shit that's happening in your life because you don't want to bring your readers down...truth is, they probably have enough shit in their life that they don't want to read about your shit on top of it. is blogging a place to escape? do we want sugar coated lives & pretty photos to escape from the shit? i don't know, because to be honest i feel like the blogs i really LOVE reading (not just peruse through & get nothing out of) are the ones who post random thoughts, or post about real life things, something worthwhile. these don't really exist much though, do they? i mean for the most part the blogs in my feed are pretty people who wear pretty clothes [like 90%], cute families, people who have etsy shops i like, people i know in real life [& therefore actually care real life] people who i admire for one reason or another, and people who actually have something interesting to say.

maybe it's time to clean out my blog feed. i wonder how many blogs i'd really have left though...and if i do use blogging as a bit of an escape then maybe i like seeing these pretty people in pretty clothes & these cute families i hope to have one like someday. ugh, can you tell i'm having a blog-life crisis? i don't think i'll stop blogging, i really do enjoy it, i guess i'm just kind of re-evaluating and deciding what i want out of blogging & what i want my blog to be for, ya know? i like sharing these kinds of thoughts with you guys...i generally get really awesome feedback and i like knowing how you guys feel about something. feelings aren't ever really talked about in the blog world, people usually just surpass those topics and stick with the ones people want to see/hear about.

i guess it goes back to this post as well. also this rant was somewhat inspired by this post which i liked...a lot.

also, this is not saying i'm never going to post outfit posts because they don't have some deep meaning, i like fashion-- it's a part of my life & i enjoy it sooo i'll blog about it. i don't really know what i'm saying here [at all...nice one carly] i guess what i'm saying is, i will continue to post about things i love and maybe add in some more 'me' every now and again, some real life stuff, some thoughts and more wordy posts. i feel like i'm at a pretty interesting time in my life, mid twenties, feeling a little lost and having a lot of thoughts swirling around in my brain -- so maybe you'll just be seeing more of that, who knows!

pwef...what the hell just happened