November 28, 2012

an open letter to instagram

dear instagram,

when we first met i thought you were pretty cool, sneaking into other people's lives at any given moment and giving me a peek at what they were doing. i thought that was sweet, i've always been a little nosy and you my friend are the nosiest of them all so we got along swimmingly. 

then things started getting serious, we started hanging out every day, multiple times a day...

we hang when i'm painting my nails (which we all know is a LOT!)

we hang out when i'm getting dressed

we go for drinks

we hangout at work

...and after work

sometimes we even hang out in bed

i'd say things are getting pretty serious.

you're the last thing i see before i go to bed & the first thing i see when i wake up in the morning. it's safe to say that...i love you instagram, and i don't care who knows it!

love, carly