November 27, 2012

etsy faves: comfy cozies

these wool mittens recycled from a sweater are the cutest things + they're fleece lined cause there's nothing worse than a cute pair of knit mitts that the wind goes right through! so many cute patterns & colours in this shop!

also from the same shop...hand warmers, genius! heat them up in the microwave and then put them in your pocket to keep your hands warm on your walk! such a cute idea.

this braided cowl is so cute, love this idea! she also sells adorable knitted ornaments too. 

i love this embellished headband, cozy & cute!

tiff of that girl crochet has listed the custom scarf she made me in her shop (for those who have commented saying they want one!) i still cannot get over the fact that it's under $40 & her shipping is sofreakingcheap!

this strays from the knit theme happening here but it does not change the fact that IWANTITSOBADLYITHURTS! this jacket is amazing & it's on my christmas wish list fo sho...