November 26, 2012

outfit post x2: black friday weekend

outfit details:
toque - thrifted
button down - levis
boots - cougar via save our soles

i wore this today for the final day of our black friday sales at the store. i'm glad i wore something comfy as it was pretty crazy! i am in love love love with my new cougar boots. they're the 'pillow boot' and they're truly called that for a reason, i was comfy all day long & aren't they adorable? i love them so much! they'll be my winter boot this year, plus they're a canadian company which is always nice to support. we sell them at save our soles & you can get yours online, we can be twinsies!  

 it was a busy busy weekend but everyone seemed to be in the holiday spirit & were having a good time shopping so that always makes work more fun! plus it snowed today so people were excited and feeling the christmas spirit - one month today!! i need to get my shopping done, time is flying by & i'm only about halfway done.

outfit details:
button down - h&m
high waisted pants - levis (& are the BEST!)
boots - steve madden via save our soles
toque - obey
bueno ring - bueno bueno

i hope you guys are cool with the toque & curls look because it's seriously going to be happening on my head for the next 4-6 months as i'm growing out my bangs and it's the only thing that keeps them off my face, plus it's cold out there!

i pretty much just wore levis all weekend long, first day my top, second day my pants...they're one of my favourite brands and i'm stoked to get a pair of their high waisted denim soon! is anyone with me on the high-waisted-or-bust train? it's all i can wear. whenever i wear low-mid waist i'm always yanking at them all day, which is not a good look!

how was your weekend? snag any awesome black friday sales? i worked all weekend so didn't have time to shop in stores, but i did manage to snag the pair of loafers i've been eyeing from sam edelman since i first saw them...last pair, in my size, on sale - it was meant to be!