November 2, 2012

keep calm & make some goals

lately i've really been enjoying quiet time. me time. this usually includes drinking tea, painting my nails, reading a book, listening to records, and relaaaaxing. i'm getting better at relaxing you guys, and trust me it's taken 26 years for me to figure this one wouldn't think it would be so hard, but it totally can be. i can never fully turn off my brain (i don't know many women that can, really) but when it starts to get crazy up there, i'm learning how to calm myself down & letting myself be and this is great.

i have some november goals...and seeing as i have a blog and therefore an outlet to share such goals, i thought hell why not?! i like lists. lists are good. and so are goals.

+ more quiet time. you need it, girlfriend.
+ 3x per week workouts. you want this, you really do.
+ christmas is a busy time but especially when you work in retail & a sports bar that hosts a lot of parties. start christmas shopping/possibly get it finished this month. if you can do this i'll be really proud of you.
+ listen to more apparat. you love this album and it helps you relax.
+ start knitting again/possibly take a class at the yarn shop downtown. knitting is a great thing to keep your hands busy instead of snacking late at night when you're not even hungry, dumb dumb.
+ spend more 'no tv/no phones' time with mikey. life's more fun this way.
+ wear more of the clothes that are in my closet instead of putting on a variation of the same outfit every damn day. you have a shit ton of're silly not to wear them. 

alright, there we have it...november in a goals list. did you set november goals for yourself? share links in the comments. for some weird reason i love reading peoples goals, and adding new ones for myself.

& because it's kind of funny (or so i thought) a totally attractive friday-night-in kind of outfit post, unlike most:
tee - belonged to my grandpa
track pants - bluenotes
hello kitty socks - H&M kids section
slippers - laurentien chief
sweater - amazing...thrifted it tonight & am really stoked on it!

oh ya, and today it snowed...a couple of times.