November 2, 2012

etsy faves: rings

this double finger ring is beyond amazing!

this ring is so are a lot of the other items in this shop!

this tiny claw knuckle ring is too cute. don't you think? it's like a little birdy hug...or...something...

i love the simplicity of this open circle ring. there's something very calming & simplistic about it, which i adore.

i'm certain i have shared this gorgeous ring before but it's not on my finger yet so i'm sharing it again ;)

these spiral rings are simple but unique. this shop has a ton of lovely pieces in it!

& this is a cuff, but it's so gorgeous i had to include it! i love love love native american style jewelry. i'm pretty sure it will always be my favourite.

so as you can see [& are probably already aware of] rings are kind of my thing. they are my go-to accessory & i usually have at least 6 on at any given time. what's your accessory vice?