November 1, 2012

on making excerise a part of my life

i joined a gym yesterday. i was a member at this gym about 3 years ago and used to really enjoy going, then 2 years ago i went back to college. i had a free membership at the school so i cancelled my gym membership in hopes i would use the free membership instead. did i? nope. each new semester my friend at school & i would say "this is the semester we're going to use the gym!" but between school & work this never happened. i had a brief stint with a personal trainer which was awesome, but hard to arrange times around my work&school schedule/get to her place for the workouts, so this fell through. since then i had another brief stint with running this past summer, which didn't last long as it was too damn hot to exercise outside and well, here we are. 

my intentions are good. generally when i jump on one of these "i'm going to get fit" trains i really do want to continue...but for reasons like all of the excuses above (no time, too hot outside, too tired, blahblahblah) i don't keep it up. 

currently my life is as scheduled & planned as it will probably ever be. i have a set schedule with my full-time job & a (mostly) set schedule at my second job therefore leaving me TONS of time to get into regular habits with the gym. 

i'm not joining the gym to lose weight. for my height & body, i feel as though i'm at a healthy weight and i do [for the most part] love the way that i look and am all for body confidence and spreading that love. i'm doing this so i'm not so lethargic all the time, so i have more energy, so i generally feel better and to prove to myself that i can stick with something...something that will benefit me in the long run & be a positive change. i'm not overly impressed with the fact that i can't be enough motivation myself, and that i need to be paying someone to essentially motivate me but i've learned my lesson from past experiences & this is the way it's gotta be. if i'm paying for it, i'll use it...that's all there is to it, that alone will be my motivation to go. then my motivation to not eat that entire bag of chips will be because it would be counteracting everything i'd done at the gym that day, and so on and so forth...see, it's going to be a good cycle, i just know it. 

i'm excited to do this. i'm excited to be active. i'm even excited to work up a sweat. i'm excited to make this change & see the changes in my body and myself as i grow stronger & feel better on a day to day basis.

the only constant is change my friends, and change is good! 

don't wait until new years to make a resolution. today is the first day of a new month, make a resolution today!
[omg who am i? haha]