November 11, 2012

phil collins & sparkles.

today was a glorious day. not only was it 17 degrees out (holy sheee-it!) but i also had the day off. unfortunately (or fortunately, i'm not sure) i slept in til noon & it's pitch black by 5PM so i really only had a few hours of daylight but i sure enjoyed it. ran some errands & got groceries, came home, made coffee, nail painted, blog read, record listened, it's been superb! did i ever tell you that my wonderful parents gave me their amazing record collection many months ago annnd it's the best? today i listened to neil young, phil collins & boston, some of my favourites! i think face value by phil baby [that's what my mums always called him] is one of my favourite records of all time, it's just so damn i grew up listening to phil collins as my parents played him a lot.

 neil young has been in my apartment, true story. we used to have a guitar shop below our apartment, that just recently went out of business, and neil young was in our apartment and smoked a joint in our loft, yup. cool shit.

this happened. whoa!

lately all i want is sparkly everything. i blame it on early christmas spirit, or...something, but i want glittery things all the damn time!

this weekend my girlfriend megg had a psychic party and we all had readings done which was a ton of fun! i didn't really hear anything too crazy but it was still a really great time and some of the other girls had some pretty crazy stuff said which was neat. we went out dancing afterwards which was a great time, but lead to a nasty hangover on saturday and i worked a 12hr day, oi. getting old sucks ya know? 2 day hangovers are the worst. 
"i'm never drinking again"

 alright time to make some dinner & have a glass of wine [...that lasted long] 

looking for a fun read? i highly recommend miss carmen of cheeky cheeky. this post was funny & sassy & amazing & i love her. also don't forget to enter the giveaway for your own custom crocheted infinity scarf!