November 7, 2012

share the love.

some links to posts in blog world i am loving lately!

you guys by now should know how much of a positive impact and influence my really great friend julie ross is on my life. i recently came up with an acronym (WWJRD?) to ask myself when i'm in a bad might think i'm kidding, but i'm totally not. she's my happiness guru, no lie! she wrote this great little post on ways to instantly cheer up & i think it's fantastic! & so is she. 

i really loved this post that savannah of maie dae did on keeping promises to yourself. she makes a lot of great points!

jenny's post on the effects of hurricane sandy in here town was so scary. i can't imagine ever experiencing something like this and am so thankful that i will probably never have to living in ontario. jenny is an artist and is donating money from her shop sales to this cause. you can use coupon code XONEWJERSEY to receive 20% off as well. 

i am loving these photos of alexz from bird trouble's sneak peek of her new lookbook. i can't wait to see the whole thing!