December 2, 2012

good things sunday

my pal iris does these 'good things' posts & they're positive & fun to read, so here i is sunday making this a 'good things sunday' kind of post.

♥ my mum. she came to visit today. we had a delicious lunch at the planet & then did some errand-running together

♥ advent calendars, and the fact that my mum brought me a hello kitty one 

♥ the fact that i am almost done my christmas shopping

♥ our new landlord [seems as cool as our old landlord which is a hard feat so we're happy!] on that note, a hair salon going in below us, pretty awesome! maybe now i'll have to commit to regular haircuts...maybe

♥ it's december & though it's always an insanely busy month, it's always a really fun one too! also, CHRISTMAS!

 ♥ new hello kitty tattoo [it was bound to happen eventually]

it's still healing in this photo so it looks a little crusty but it's perfect!

showing the placement [inner heel] plus my two other foot tattoos

♥ finding new blogs to love [post coming soon regarding this]

dave's idea of 'happy new month' or 'happy new week' resolutions instead of new years resolution because as he says, a whole year can be daunting but a week or a month should be easy peasy!

comment with at least one good thing from your week!