December 2, 2012

bomb dot com bloggers

i've been meaning to do a post like this for awhile now, with some of my favourite bloggers & why i think they're the bomb dot com [i brought that back just for this post because they're the bomb & dot com is internety sooo it happened] actually, one of my favourite bloggers recently did a similar post with her favourites which is what reminded me [thanks jes!]

so first up then,
 jes of the militant baker
this girl has single handedly changed my outlook on blogging & furthermore life. notice a different vibe around here? this girl. she's made me want to be a better blogger. she has a total unapologetic, take-me-as-i-am approach to blogging and life. she's basically a bad ass and i one day want to have the confidence and strength that she does as a woman. this girl will change the world...i promise you. jes, you're an inspiration. if you don't read this blog yet, you're mad but i'll give you one more chance because maybe you just haven't heard of her yet & if that's the case then, you're welcome!

alexz of bird trouble
alright so not only do i have a huge girl crush on this beauty [it's no secret she's fully aware] she is also an inspiration to me. she makes beautiful one of a kind handmade pieces & takes a gorgeous photo. i love peeking into this ladies pretty life & i want to be her best friend, but she already knows that. she's also a part of the bohemian collective which is another blog you need to check out if you haven't already.

mandy of harper's happenings 
it's possible that mandy & harper are two of my favourite people ever & i've never even met them. mandy is sarcastic & witty & her blog posts are both hilarious & insightful to read. her daughter harper is one of the cutest little girls & her videos make me laugh so hard; seriously if you're having a bad day, watch her youtube channel! i will strive to be a mum as cool as her when i someday have my own littles. warning: this blog does not help those with baby fever [trust!]

rachelle's is a new blog i came across recently & not only was i immediately drawn in by her amazingly designed blog [it's the prettiest thing i've ever seen] but her personality absolutely shines through her writing & photos. she is positive & inviting & cute as can be! her outlook on life, her body & her views are super refreshing, and if you haven't visited her blog you're truly missing out! you should start at this post it's my fave so far. oh ya, she makes super adorable crocheted collars too [like in the photo]

so that's it! well no, that's not it as i have a shit ton of more amazing blogs i could share with you guys but that's my top 4 right now & the one's i've really enjoyed reading lately. i hope you guys check them out & say hello as they are all really awesome ladies!

any favourite blogs of yours i should be reading??


  1. Carly, would you judge me if I said that your post made me tear up a little?

    I can blame it on the fact that its 2:30am, but I think its just because I'm honored. Honored and grateful.

    Thank you so much. I love you equally <3

    1. Judging in the best way possible. Wait, that doesn't make sense. NO! I love're adorable!!

  2. Oh yayy! :) I'm so excited to check these lovely ladies out! Thanks for sharing this!! :)

  3. the second girl looks like Emily Haines! Hanes? Haynes? The girl from metric. I hope she takes that as a compliment! I beeeeeeeeeeet, i just fucking bet she gets cuter drunk. Like THAT's A compliment. Now That's A Compliment - Dave

    1. LOL She's probably the cutest drunk ever ;)

  4. I am officially IN LOVE with YOUR blog!! Jess and Rachele are two of my go-to's for BADASS inspiration and I love that you gave them a shout out! You rock. I am your newest follower and was kinda maybe sorta hopin' that you'd drop by and follow me back!