December 4, 2012

outfit post + new music + a new hobby; whoa!

outfit details:
top - vintage from public butter in t.o
shorts - old navy
cardigan - volcom
toque - thrifted
necklace - top & bottom, made by me & middle is moon & pearl

so last night was pretty awesome, in terms of awesome nights go actually it was pretty much perfect. i listened to a new album i had never heard before [while falling in love with] then listened to it & again & again & again. alt j...ever heard of 'em? they're fucking awesome. i'm so obsessed with their album an awesome wave i can't even pick a favourite song because they're actually all SO good - for realsies! anyway, something else happened that was great, i discovered that i really love making necklaces. i ordered some supplies a bit ago but hadn't had a chance to do anything with them, but that all changed last night. i had so much fun hanging by myself, listening to a new band & practicing a new hobby. then mikey & i hungout for hours & stayed up way too late laughing & reminiscing on embarrassing/funny memories we have together. 

my gal pal tracy was here last night [mikey, her bf mark & her jam together] & she asked me if i was going to sell the necklaces i was making and to be honest i hadn't really thought of it, it was something i had just started doing & i was really just enjoying making them, but i guess...maybe? i mean i'm certainly not going to keep every single one i make right? who knows. all i know is that i'm having a damn good time for now. 

would you guys be interested in seeing more photos of the necklaces i made?