December 5, 2012

nail art + necklaces

so last night i tried out this manicure which was super fun & easy to do. all i did was bend a bobby pin in half & use the end to create the dots...told ya it was easy! i really love the nude & gold but next time (for my work christmas party this weekend) i may try the darker shade with hologram like in the link as it's a little more bold. though i also really love & want to try this so we'll see! 

also, here is a sneaky peeky at the necklaces i was talking about in the previous post. i currently have one of the top style and two of the bottom style. if you're interested in either, leave your email in the comments. i really love these two layered like this. $15 each or $25 for the pair - free shipping & will ship immediately if you're thinking of christmas gifts! i also have some other styles that i will try & post later today.