December 5, 2012

so i just finished watching this documentary on netflix, have you seen it? i truly recommend it if you haven't. it's so very inspiring and...well, crazy really.

the basis of the story is that this guy goes for a whole month with no food, no $$, no place to stay, no mode of transportation and everything he does for entertainment, finding a place to crash, finding people who are hopefully nice enough to offer him some food, etc through craigslist postings. he ends up travelling all over the U.S and meeting some really amazing people and having this incredible experience that he never would have had otherwise. i laughed, i cried, i felt like i was experiencing everything with him...sounds lame, but just watch and see. 

i know the first thought that came to my head was "holy crap, he's going to get mugged...someone's going to do, i don't know, something terrible to him"
negativity. that was my first thought. 
not "wow he's going to meet so many people and have such neat experiences" i just assumed that something bad was going to happen because apparently everyone is bad and crazy. it's sad that that would be most people's first thoughts when hearing about this - danger? he was so positive and upbeat about the whole situation, he knew it was going to be tough, but he did it anyway. he did it because he believes in humanity and the sense of community that we, as humans, can have...for each other and for this big world that we live in. there are nice people left, there are people who welcomed him into their home after meeting for a brief period of time, there were people who invited him over for a big dinner & sent him on his way the next morning with fruit for his travels. there were people who offered him a ride in exchange for conversation...that's it, no money, nothing of value, just simple keep them company on their travels. he literally travelled so many different places with not a penny to his name and just the clothes on his back.

it was totally refreshing to watch this all take place. and then to think back to my original thought of straight up negative thoughts. i'm sorry world, i did not give you enough credit...
faith restored.