December 19, 2012

lucky jackson, nail parties, bird trouble & christmas

ahhh! it's been 8 days since my last post, can you tell i'm busy? the only time off i've had recently was spent at my parents place, three whole days - it was lovely! lots of relaxing and eating and watching my dads new 80" tv [ya crazy!!] and also spending time with family as we went to my aunts for our 'christmas' with all of my extended family whom i only see about twice a year so that was fun!

i also went to see lucky jackson's art installation that is happening until the 31st of december and just happens to be just down the street from my work. as always i was blown away by her talent! i think it's absolutely incredible that she was able to stitch an amazing piece every single day for the past year...that is dedication! i consider myself very lucky to be a part of this project for her 'blog crush' week - day 75!

you can view them all here

what else have i been up to?
painting my nails of course...and using the holidays as an excuse to add glitter and sparkle to every manicure i give myself!

in other news...i got the most amazing wallet from bird trouble alexz is one of my favourite people that i've met through blogging [yes, you're allowed to choose favourites] we've never met IRL but i know that if/when we do it would be epic! i have followed along since she started making repurposed bags (& now wallets too) and have always dreamed of owning a piece. i love the way her creative mind works as every piece comes out beautifully. i had no idea how well made they would be, but i must admit i am very impressed!

as for the rest of the week, i don't have much time off (just the earlier part of today so i had lots of running around to do to get ready for christmas) heading to work shortly and then for the rest of the week until the 25th. i doubt i will have much time for blogging so if i don't see you [type you? write you?] 
merry christmas!  

& i'll be back when i get another spare moment. oh ya, this christmas there is going to be all sorts of new'ness as my parents are no longer in the house my brother & i grew up in, and also mikey will be joining us this year too, it's going to be great! it's an exciting time of year...i just want some damn snow!!