December 11, 2012

anjolee: a jewelry review

i was contacted by a lovely representative from anjolee jewelry asking if i would like to review a piece of jewelry for my blog. after visiting the easy to navigate website, i was beyond excited! sooo many beautiful pieces & naturally i got stuck in the diamond rings section daydreaming about my future engagement ring & the day i'll have one of those pretties on my finger. i was able to choose a piece and though quite frankly i don't normally wear dainty, elegant pieces i was really excited to choose something because i find myself being drawn to more simpler pieces lately & the elegance of diamonds always stand out in an outfit. i definitely think that diamonds are appreciated more & more the older you get - the finer things in life.
i chose this necklace called 'surrounded by sparkle'

isn't it stunning? i don't own anything quite like it and the times i've already worn it i've received lots of compliments! i`m sure you will be seeing it in a lot of outfit posts to come, especially with the holidays approaching. of course what you receive will be high quality diamonds, however my necklace was created with cubic zirconias which i found surprisingly similar!

as stated, the website is easy to navigate with their toolbar located on the left side, once you've selected a piece you can then customize it to your liking (you can even return customized pieces within 30 days if it's not what you wanted) whether you're looking for something that is a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, there is definitely a wide variety of pieces for any price range which is great and once you get browsing on here, you're bound to get lost in dream land...i know i did! it's the perfect time of year whether you're looking to treat yourself to some diamonds or gemstones, or looking for a gift for someone special, i definitely recommend checking out anjolee.

here are some pieces that made it to my wish list:

wowza. what i wouldn't give to have this gem on my finger

i think one of their diamond bangles would look great stacked or by themselves for a simple look

their diamond pendant necklaces are absolutely stunning & would leave anyone feeling like a million bucks. i would totally style this with a white tee, some distressed jeans & a great pair of flats. i love pairing beautiful stand-out pieces with something super simple, really letting the statement piece do the talking - which would definitely be this necklace in this case!

thanks for this opportunity anjolee!

[disclosure: this is a sponsored post. the item was provided to me by anjolee however the views expressed are solely my own]