December 7, 2012

slumber partying in your 20s

i find that whenever i'm thinking of something - an idea, a topic, whatever it may be...within a few months or sometimes days, there is a new article on thought catalog taking my thoughts & putting them into words that probably sound better than how i would have written it. okay, not probably; definitely. 

this article can we please have sleepovers in our 20s is something i talk about with my girlfriends often. i hate that just because we're considered 'grown ups' now [by the way, when did that happen?] we have partners & jobs & responsibilities [which is cool & all] but it takes some of the fun things out of life like sleepovers. i mean, i'd have sleepovers every weekend when i was younger. sooo many nights spent staying up past our bed times talking about...god knows what - EVERYTHING, literally. and i guess it's pretty sweet being an adult because there's no bed times or limit on treats and you can be as loud as you want to...but by these rules, don't you think we should really be having more sleepovers because there aren't any rules now that we're 'adults'? 

i definitely think so. alright 2013 - more sleepovers; it's official.

on a more extreme-sleepover-party note, sometimes i think it would be awesome to have like an all girls club house of sorts where we can all go to hangout and do things like this, without ya know...boyfriends & such getting in the way. i guess being single or having your own place would also probably work too...

sleepovers!!! ya dig?