December 31, 2012

typical NYE resolutions post

i'm a list maker, i get it from my parents because there were always notes & lists around our house growing up & i'm pretty sure it's now been passed down to both my brother & i. i love notes, whether it's waking up to a simple note from your partner, receiving a handwritten note in the mail from a friend, or making a note as a reminder for yourself, notes have never steered me wrong. i love making lists - grocery lists, goals lists, lists of things i'd like to do...which brings me to this blog post - a new list, this time a goal list. 2013 is just around the corner & i have a lot of goals that i really & truly want to keep up with this year. this will probably be a pretty typical post today, being new years eve & all, but bare with me as it's more of a way to document it for myself (& maybe give you some ideas for your own goal lists)

+ exercise my body & soul.
i got a gym membership in november, used it a lot that month & then december (busiest-month-ever) happened & i need to jump back into of course it looks like i'm on the january gym bandwagon but whatever, as long as i'm going! my goal is to go 3-4x per week.

+ learn to cook. 
this sounds silly, i'm 26 years old but to be frank i am a pretty basic cook. i cook the same thing often (thankfully it's healthy) but i want to branch out, especially for dinners. it's easy to get into a routine of making the same thing but i received some gorgeous pots & pans for christmas from my parents and have lots of great cookbooks (& a crock pot that hasn't been touched since last christmas - eep!) and by goly i want need to use them!

+ make our house a home. 
after we moved in our building went up for sale leaving us unsure as to whether or not the new landlord would be keeping us on as tenants...this limbo went on for over a year, until last month when we found out the building sold & they want to keep us (yay!) now it's time to make some adjustments and make this place as amazing as i know it can be as we'll hopefully be here until we purchase our own home.

+ on that same note (of purchasing our own home) saving money. 
mikey & i have gotten serious about saving money towards buying our own home here in peterborough. i know that there are things (aka: shoppinggggg) that i could be doing much less of in order to get to this goal more quickly & i want to make that a priority. having a savings account & money in it feels so good, i just need to remember that it might not feel as good as a new pair of shoes, but it in the long run, it will feel better.

+ simplify. 
i am beyond excited to go through our kitchen, bedroom, closet & every drawer in our house & getting rid of everything that we do not use or need. i want to start this as early as january 1st because it's something i've been needing to do for a long time & i'm putting it off no longer!

+ get my license. 
this just needs to happen.

+ more 'no technology' nights. 
no phones, no laptops, no tvs, none of that. it's good for the soul and for every relationship whether it be friendship or otherwise.

+ spend more time with my friends. 
when you're living with the person you're dating it's far too easy to say you're just having a quiet night in (which is totally fine) rather than hanging with friends, but it's also just as easy to have those quiet nights in with friends & i know i need to remember that. i have some of the best friends a gal could ask for & i would never want them to feel like i don't want to spend time with them or don't have time for them, because i do!

+ drink more tea instead of coffee. 
ever since i started drinking coffee my poor genmaicha tea from david's has been thrown to the wayside (sort of) & green tea is way better for you than coffee so it only makes sense. plus i got this and this for christmas & lots of cute tea goodies from julie

...that's all i've got so far! those are my year goals anyway. i'm sure i will make monthly goals as well because as i said, i'm a list-maker born and raised.