January 2, 2013

nye in ig photos

this is probably about as close to an outfit post as you'll get for my new years get up...which is kind of sad seeing as my dress was amazing! started off with just the full sequined dress & denim jacket then eventually added a vintage fur collar & multiple hats, haha the more booze consumed, the more got added to my outfit, duh!

nye party nails, full glitter of course! 
essie 'beyond cozy' is the best!

me fixing richies hair, i gotchu boo!

my bff richy & his gf michelle came down! the 4 of us had sushi after i got off work then came back & started party prepping; my wonderful boyfriend also cleaned & prepped our place for the party during the day. another of my bff's lianne & her bf also came down for the event, i was so happy to have so many of my out of town best friends come to visit!! 

the party was amazing!! i think i say this every year but it was the best new years i've had to date. sometimes it sucks having the party as you know you're going to be left with a mess the next day but it was so worth it! there was probably 30+ people here & it was great having most of our friends in one place. there was lots of kisses at new years, tons of drinks consumed, lots of dancing and at midnight mikey & i revealed a keg that we had bought for everyone! around 3:30 am things shut down which was great timing & the day after mikey & i slept, and slept and slept some more.

these IG photos do the party no justice. apparently i was too busy taking polaroids because i took over 30, haha oops!

happy 2013 everyone!
i have high hopes for this year!