January 8, 2013


growing up i always wanted glasses, i really don't have any idea why. i wanted glasses, braces/a retainer & a cast - all the things most kids absolutely did not want. when i found out i needed glasses for distance when i was in grade school i was pretty excited. when i got my first pair of eyeglasses, i remember being a little bit shy to wear them...not sure why seeing as i wanted them so badly, but i was young and i guess i was afraid of what the other kids would say. i got over that pretty quickly and soon started wearing my glasses just because i loved them so much, even though i didn't need them for all-the-time use.

i have ordered eye glasses online from other companies and to be honest i feel like it's the way of the future for sure. GlassesUSA also offers a 30 day money back guarantee, if you don't like your glasses you have an entire month to return them and a years warranty if anything happens to them! to order glasses online is so quick and easy, you just enter your prescription, choose a pair & they're shipped to your door! i think what i liked best about GlassesUSA.com is their wide selection of high quality frames & lenses, there is almost too many to choose from & at the prices they offer, you could have one for every day of the week & they also do sunglasses! they make it easy & quick to choose your lenses as you can search by shape, frame type & size, style, price, even material. i really loved that they have a vintage section as well for all of us vintage loving ladies & fellas!

other great features:
GlassesUSA offers free shipping! 
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best price guarantee
seen it for a lower price? they will match the price & give you an additional 10% off!

one of the coolest things about GlassesUSA though is their virtual try on mirror, i know that i would never purchase glasses without trying them, in real life or virtually, so this is a really neat feature!

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