January 21, 2013

hearts & hearts & hearts & hearts

i love valentines day. i know it's a silly made up, consumer driven holiday but i can't help it, i love it! i loved it when i was little when it meant having craft time & putting together a little mail box for all your valentines, then making valentines with stickers & glitter smothering them, i liked valentines day even before i ever had a valentine. i mean having a valentine is pretty sweet too though, i remember putting together cute packages for long distance boyfriends i had in high school & receiving a couple too...valentines day is just fun! having a whole day about love and telling those you love that you love them, and okay maybe even all of the hearts and red and pink and glitter and all that mushy gushy stuff, i dig that too.

& seeing as christmas is officially over, and so is new years, and valentines day is less than a month away, i'm allowed to start talking about it. here's some recent etsy favourites:

if this marquee heart light was hanging above my bed, holy moly i'd be a happy girl!

this adorable ring, get your initials stamped on the front & a special date inside

cute cute cute. i'm being drawn to simple, more minimalist jewelry lately so this caught my eye!

this simple gold necklace.

knuckle rings are fun, this heart one is adooorable.

how precious would these be attached to a cardigan? they remind me of a smiley face, and the hearts are little blushing cheeks, hehe

alright, thoughts...valentines day - love it, hate, why or why not?