January 26, 2013

this (awesome, busy) week

it's saturday & starting in february that will mean i will have the day OFF! (well some nights i might be working at the bar) but i will have a monday to friday job & weekends off & that is exciting! 

this week was a busy one, here's a little peek at what i did:

went to the mall, had a dentist appointment with my new dentist, bought a sweet $3 iphone case from old navy...who knew old navy liked beer? not this girl.

decided i was going to open an etsy shop called black&bronze! pretty out of the blue but i was getting a wicked response to the necklaces i'd been making & sold 8 pieces & thought why not? i like adventures & this seems like an awesome one for 2013!
[more on this later!]
in the meantime, you can follow me on ig: @blackandbronze
or twitter: @blackandbronzed

babysat the best baby...in the world, all day wednesday. my bosses baby clive, he's a) the cutest baby you'll EVER see/meet, b) so smiley & happy & oh ya, adorable, c) loves cuddling & napping when he's supposed to & eats well, d) ya, he's THE best!

& is big into yoga right now

enjoyed not one but two awesome lunches at my favourite spot in town. i'd say i treated myself as i normally bring my lunches to work, but really i went to bed before 10 every night this week & didn't get around to making my quinoa dish. i've been so tired lately it's not even funny...well going to bed at 8PM is kinda funny i guess.

painted my nails, duh.

today i work a double and tomorrow my boss & i are going to the accessory/gift show in toronto for the day which i'm looking forward to because accessories are kind of my thing & being surrounded by them sounds like heaven (next to the shoe shows we attend - THOSE are heaven!)

it was a busy week but i made it out alive! looking forward to february which is also going to be a wickedly busy month but is also filled with toronto visits (2 of them!) hotels, anniversaries, vacation time, family time & weekends off!