January 26, 2013

girl crush: ascot friday

the first time i came across this blog i thought "i want to be this woman" then i realized that was silly & i like being myself, and my second thought was "she has reallllly great style" and my third thought was kind of random but i thought "this is what i picture my hair looks like, in my head" which is nutty, because my hair is not blonde, nor this wild, nor middle parted, nor etc, etc...nothing like this womans. i guess that's because it is my dream hair, so i imagine my hair to be like this. key word: imagine. and you know when someone's wardrobe is just so flawless that it's almost...not fair? that's how i feel about her clothes...it's insanely good. 

oh & i forgot to mention that her husbands a babe & her kids are the best dressed kids on earth and absolutely adorable to boot. 

i love my life, don't get me wrong, i have a babe of a boyfriend, love my job(s) have amazing friends, a pretty awesome wardrobe (for the most part) a great home, but do you ever get life crushes on people? haha, life crush...what? it's a thing. i made it up.