March 20, 2013

black&bronze blog features

so i'm kind of really excited today because black&bronze has been showing up on some truly amazing blogs lately! nicole of rose runs wild featured her piece earlier last week & today i have some more of my favourite internet ladies rocking their pieces!

side note: kelly is wearing 2 necklaces here...the coyote tooth + coin is the black&bronze piece, the other is by an amazing designer chris which i want all of them!

i seriously get SO FREAKING EXCITED when i see my black&bronze pieces on some of my favourite people. i've been working with a few different bloggers & sending them custom pieces & this week you can see my style icons (no exaggeration!) brandi & kelly of the mucho mucho bueno bueno blog rocking their black&bronze on their mucho monday post! these girls honestly have the best style & they desperately make me want to live somewhere where you can layer comfortably & not have to wear a winter parka ever. they make me want to pack my things & move to texas!

anyway, i had a fan girl moment when i saw their post! yes ladies, you have a fan girl. i'm pretty sure that's how you know you've 'made it' lol!! ;)

another one of my favourite favourite blogger gals ever miss chelsea of the tea talk blog featured her black&bronze piece on her blog this morning! first of all, i am super jealous that she is able to wear what she is wearing in these photos, meanwhile when i look out my window all i see is snow! & second of all, she has the best hair ever...those long white locks make me envious everytime i see them! chelsea is such a doll & if you're not already following tea talk (i'm sure you are!) but if you're not, you really should be. she is such a rad, down to earth lady & i really love her corner of the internet!

if you don't already follow @blackandbronze on instagram i would love to see you over there! sometimes when i don't have time to upload the shop with new things i will sell pieces via instagram & some pretty amazing pieces have sold lately so you don't want to miss out! allison also featured black&bronze over on her blog today & you can see the piece she picked up from following on instagram here

i will hopefully be having another update soon as it's been a little over a month since i opened & it's due time! it's mainly just getting a time during the day when the lighting is good & mikey is home to take the photos...which doesn't happen too often! 

i would love to take this time to thank those of you who have supported me in my little dream thus far. i appreciate it beyond belief & am truly lucky to have you guys be so supportive & encouraging! it means a lot to me!!

also, if you're interested in a custom piece like i did for these ladies, just send me an email blackandbronze[at]gmail[dot]com as i'd love to work with you & base something around your personal style.