March 24, 2013

weekly happenings

this past week was super fun, time is flying lately...soaring even!
i'm just hoping that spring is around the corner as i have had enough of this winter shit...enouuugh, i say!
my girlyfriends & i went bowling tuesday night! it was the best! next time we've decided to play bingo. nights like this are my fave. i need more of them in my life.

 on wednesday i got my hair done! i am removing the black (hello colour correction!) so it took about 6 hours this first time [whoa!] next time (in a few months) it will be better. going lighter for the summer, wooo!
& this handsome guy just got his haircut today too. doesn't he look great?! my boyfriend is a total babe.

i'm currently on day 27 of the whole30 which means wednesday is my last day! it's kind of amazing timing because thursday is bry's 33rd birthday (costume partyyy!) which means i will be dressed as a 'toddlers in tiaras' brat while getting white girl wasted on probably 2 beers because it's been so long, haha. but seriously! i couldn't be happier about it. the following day (good friday) i have re-named pizza day. i will be pleasantly hungover & indulging in a deliciously cheesy pizza...& crazy bread. then i'll go back to my clean eating (because yes i do still intend to make that a big part of my life - 80/20 as i still want to enjoy the finer/sweeter things in life still)

holyshitfrozengrapes! if you've never tried them, throw a bag in your freezer right now...yes, go! & then tell me they aren't the most naturally sweet little popsicles you ever did try!

this week i get to babysit my favourite little dude overnight! i seriously love spending time with this little man, he makes me beyond happy.

this past weekend was spent at my parents place. it was lovely, and by lovely i mean kind of hard not to drink as it's always beer o'clock there and also kind of hard not to indulge in delicious foods buuut i did it!! i can't remember if i mentioned this on here or not but we had a psychic come to the house & give us all readings. it was really neat!! in a nutshell she told me that a lot of doors will be opening for me this year, lots of changes (good ones) & some really interesting things regarding a friend of mine who committed suicide about 5 years ago. it was pretty amazing the things she knew about all of us, we all had a really positive experience for it. so neat and crazy those psychics!!

what have you guys been up to? tell me everythingggg!