March 29, 2013

spring trends: wide leg printed pants

i don't know about you guys but i am totally feeling this flowy bohemian palazzo wide leg pant for spring. i'm not a big skirts or dresses gal so these offer a similar airy alternative to jeans. i may or may not have ordered some trial ones from F21. that place is great for trying out trends before you commit to them. buy the $20 pair to see how you like them on yourself & then go for the better quality ones, ya know? one of my goals this year was buying quality over quantity fashion & so far i'm doing well!

i couldn't not pick up the two pairs below though:

head to toe: will definitely be coveting this exact style!

& these ones were just so cute & cheap that i couldn't say no! 

i feel like the sheer ones aren't really up my alley but are still pretty

side note: i am 100% against people wearing pajama pants in public...which i can understand why people might think this is a similar look but when paired with a cute, casual top (or even dressed up) & a great pair of shoes (this is KEY) no one will be confusing you with someone who just rolled out of bed. no way no how!

what do you think? digging this look or leaving it?