March 28, 2013

sweet spot bags + giveaway

malin of the adorable etsy shop sweet spot bags contacted me awhile back & told me a little about her new etsy adventure. it is called sweet spots & the concept is totally original & unique! you can choose any location or favourite spot in any city anywhere in the world & she uses the sun to print that onto the cutest bag! your favourite coffee shop, the spot you met your sweetie, your favourite place in the world - wherever you want, then (this is so neat!) she uses the sun to process the co-ordinates. eco-conscious & adorable, these bags are the perfect size for storing your essentials or using as a clutch for a night out! i definitely feel like they have a summer vibe so i cannot wait to use mine to carry my keys & summer essentials when going on bike rides!

the co-ordinates i chose were for my childhood house. my parents just sold the house we grew up in this past year & so i thought that using the co-ordinates for there might be a neat little memory to have. i just think it's SO cool that you can choose anywhere you want to & it's like a little secret because only you will know where you chose (unless someone looks inside the bag, because she prints the location inside)

so! now it's your turn to choose...
'like' sweet spot on facebook & tell me where you would get your 'sweet spot' for a chance to win your own custom bag!! leave a comment below to be entered.
winner will be chosen at random on april 7th!