April 10, 2013

i'm a lucky girl

i always chalk up 'lucky' things that happen in my life to being born on a friday the 13th. yes, i know to most that might seem backwards, but to me (& my family) it makes complete & total sense :)

i just wanted to take a moment to share some exciting/proud moments i've had so far regarding black&bronze. first of all i feel so blessed & lucky that people have been responding so well to it & really like what i'm creating. it's a pretty incredible feeling! 

♥ repeat customers. i've had a few now, specifically miss allison who has bought 5 (6?) pieces now. it makes me so happy to hear & see (through her blog) how much she loves them & wears them & how much of a black&bronze fan she is! you're the best girl!
♥ a message from a customer telling me that she will be wearing her black&bronze pieces on her wedding day in may (!!!) i just about teared up reading that...i feel incredibly honoured & cannot wait to see the photos she said she would send along
♥ international orders from the united kingdom & spain (!!!)
♥ the reaction & support from both my (irl) friends & blog friends
♥ i'm stoked on the sales i've been getting from guys, i personally love accessories on males & really think it's awesome when they dig my stuff

overall, i'm just feeling super overwhelmed (in a good way) & really fortunate that people like what i'm doing...thank you guys, really!