April 11, 2013

smitten with ecojot

earlier today i was thinking of small businesses, large businesses, just general sized businesses haha and i was thinking how i would love to buy more locally, within canada & how it seems that more often than not you just can't. it's either not easily accessible or it's extremely expensive and not within my budget. 

fast forward - i came home from work, pop online & my pal elycia is hosting a giveaway over on her blog for this company, ecojot which you guessed it, are canadian & actually happen to be based in ontario even, just one town over from where i grew up!

here are a few of my favourite designs...

& those are just the notebooks. they also have planners, greeting cards, prints & more! okay so they are canadian, make absolutely adorable products but also, with every jumbo journal purchase they have a giving program where they give a workbook to a child in need to build literacy skills...oh, and their products are 100% recycled materials.

i was happy to search the website to find canadian retailers and see that GreenUp, a store here in peterborough carried ecojot, so i popped by & scooped up the last 2 new notebooks they had!