April 27, 2013

living clean: awareness

lately i've been thinking a lot about my health and about the importance of caring for our bodies, and being aware, both by what we put into them but also what we put on them. you never really think about the amount of chemicals that are in things like lotions, face washes, makeup, etc...well maybe you do already & if so that's awesome. to be honest i never did. sure i've read labels and thought "what the hell is that?" but then i would shrug my shoulders and slather it on my skin anyway. that doesn't seem right, does it?

during my whole 30 experience my blog reading changed from mostly fashion & lifestyle blogs to health, fitness and living clean. from there i've come across & learned a lot about things that before i started that process, had never ever thought of. it's something i've really taken an interest in though & really want to take steps in the right direction towards both eating & living clean...living with a purpose & making positive changes. 

i've been reading adriane's blog the A&B stories since i met her last year at blogpodium. she's been doing a fantastic series lately on living clean & it's really kick started my interest into gear & actually wanting to start to make some of the changes i've talked about. she's listed some amazing resources to help you out if you don't know where to begin with all of this, because to be honest it can all be a little overwhelming. i found her post on living clean: makeup & living clean: bath/body to be the most helpful as she's done all the work for you & found awesome products to use!! i'm definitely looking into changing my daily face routine & have looked into the oil cleansing method & am definitely going to give it a try! adriane talks about how her first step in making changes for her body was lotions, because if you're like most women you slather it on after the shower & throughout the day - can't get enough of it...when in reality your body is absorbing an insane amount of chemicals & toxins that could be really damaging instead of doing good. i found this website really helpful & eye opening, all about ewg ratings & also the photo below:

other than perfume & lotion, nail polish has the highest number of chemicals & can be linked to fertility issues?? what the what?!! that is terrifying. the number of chemicals in all of these things that we use every single day...is insane & shocking. 

it's going to be a long process of making the switch over to chemical-free products but it's something i really want to do. when there are good products out there available that are free of all of toxins & chemicals in these other products, why not make the switch right? i feel like being aware is a lot better than being in the dark about things...which to be honest, i have been for almost 27 years.

in other news, i am doing my first yoga, and actually hot yoga class tomorrow afternoon & i am really excited for it! my friend just trained in LA to be a yoga instructor & is home now so she's teaching a free class & it's something i've always wanted to try, so i'm excited to get a taste for it.