April 28, 2013

being in the moment

today was beyond what i needed...

after a mini sleep in, i immediately opened all of the windows & doors in the house (fresh air feels SO good) did a quick clean of the house, had some breakfast & coffee on the balcony, mikey & i went for a walk to the trail/park right by our place. feeling the hot sun on my face & body was exactly the wake up i needed from the longest winter ever...

...& damn it felt good!

then this afternoon i went to my first yoga class...hot yoga at that. my friend steph just got certified to teach & so she was holding a free class. i'm so glad i went. it's something i've always wanted to try & can i just say something...i was sweating out of places i didn't know could do that...and it felt absolutely incredible, to just let my body sweat out everything it needed to & feel refreshed afterwards. sweating like that isn't something we're used to at all...i mean, there's a sweat you build up when you're working out and then there is hot yoga sweat...a complete release. it feels great. learning to be completely in the moment & forget everything, focusing entirely on your breathing was hard for me at first but by mid class i was already feeling my worries melt away. yoga is something that i've realized i enjoy & would definitely like to practice more. i definitely see more yoga & hot yoga in my future. 

tonight we watched snoop dogg/lion's new documentary reincarnated & it made me super stoked for our trip to jamaica in december for my brother's wedding! alright time to call it a day...i'm feeling refreshed & positive after this weekend & am hoping the feeling carries me into this week.

also!!! a big congrats goes out to my girl chelsea who got engaggggged this weekend! SO excited for her ♥