May 23, 2013



reading: 'what should i do with my life?' by po bronson
ya know...i figured i had asked myself that question enough times, might as well check out the book right? it's actually incredibly interesting and no, it's not one of those quiz books where it tells you to be a teacher at the end. it's stories of peoples life journeys & how they got there - super interesting & i've enjoyed every word

anticipating: i turn 27 next month & am kind of super excited about it. age is a funny thing, i sort of freak out a little when i find a new wrinkle or grey hair, but ultimately 'the only constant is change' right, might as well embrace the change that is our bodies & souls

feeling thankful for: my girlfriends. i seriously love them so freaking much it's not even funny. we had such a great day at the cottage while the boys were golfing last weekend...and last night we had an awesome dance party at a small wine bar in town...the best.

working on: new black&bronze pieces. trying to find time to fit in a little photo shoot/editing session but that probably won't happen for another couple of weeks

loving: this is going to sound narcissistic but my hair. i've been having awesome hair days lately & that my friends is an awesome feeling. i've discovered that after 27 years my hair likes to be air dried, braided & then let loose! 

wanting: a new tattoo! i'm working on a new piece & am going to have a different artist do it than my usual (a girl!) and am getting really excited for it (sorry mum & dad!)

also. today i got to hold my friends 3 week old baby & my heart melted. babies are so amazing, aren't they? (everytime i start this conversation i feel like a stoner) but seriously, there's something SO magical about making a human...whaaaat? it blows my mind when i think about it. babies are pure magic...and a little bit of sex. okay, i'm tired...i'm out.