June 2, 2013

gnarly whale 20% off!

whenever i feature an etsy shop i like to let them know/make sure it's okay so i send out a quick message letting them know that i've featured their shop! the gnarly whale was quick to respond & wanted to offer my readers a coupon code! so, enjoy 20% OFF with code TEACUPS20
 i really want to try this exfoliating scrub, it looks awfully yummy, pineapple ginger? yum!!
i already have one of their lip balms but will be ordering more because let's get real, us gals like having them in each pocket, purse, car, bathroom, bedside table, etc! i love the scents you can choose from & they've got that  kind of gritty 'burts bees' feeling which i love as it feels like it's really moisturizing!

 funnel cake shampoo?? yes please!!
 this is the detangler i ordered from them my first time around & i am obsessed with this scent. i just noticed they have a body spray in the coconut milk & peaches scent & i just may have to get it!!
looking to replace my other beach waves spray (a non natural one) that is now gone...this scent just may take over my life, and i'm okay with that!

they have lots more products & i really do urge you to check out this shop! the prices are really great for the amount you're getting & i sleep better at night knowing my products are squeaky clean - 100% vegan & cruelty free!

20% OFF - TEACUPS20 y'all!